Scientific electronic journal for students and postgraduates “Humanitarian accent” is a scholarly quarterly periodical in humanities. Journal issues are compiled on the thematic basis principle that allows to reflect humanistic themes and profiles of modern University, while it features interdisciplinary nature of the publication.

The idea of the journal concept occurred in 2016 when initiative group got to create the electronic journal prototype for young scientists. The aim of the concept authors was to make a tool to integrate young specialists into scientific society, to enhance their professional expertise and to build up the environment for their career promotions.

Mass Media Registration Certificate EL № FС 77 – 65357, of April 18, 2016


Elizaveta L. Chernova, PhD in History, accent@rggu.ru

Establisher and Publisher

Russian State University for the Humanities


The journal publications are included in the Index system of journal citation (RISC). “Citation index” is a numerical factor to characterize an article significance. It is calculated on the basis of subsequent publications that refer to the present work.